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Stenciled Monogram Mug

Rachel of Rachel Rewritten doesn’t consider herself a frugal gal but says she’s been on a DIY kick lately to save some money. Her first project was creating an Anthropologie-inspired mug to replace one that had sadly been damaged in a move.

Rachel used a silk screen stencil and paint to recreate a very similar design on a plain white mug.

The beauty of it is that Rachel can now make as many mugs as she wants reusing the stencil. I think these would make awesome gifts!

anthropologie inspired mug

These are lovely mugs to say the least. Instead of paying more than $10 a mug once you factor in shipping and handling, it just makes sense to invest in a few materials and the short amount of time it takes to design your own!

Let’s break this one down and see just how easy it is.

Needed Supplies

  • Martha Stewart silkscreen adhesive stencils
  • Enamel glass paint – like this
  • Pouncers to dab on paint
  • Rubbing alcohol (to clean mug before applying stick-on stencils


Of course you’ll need to pick out a mug of your choice. White porcelain is perfect, but any color that is muted will do well too. Just think about the paint colors you’ll be using.

You can get a set and make more than one, for you and for gifts – I like these!

Stenciling and Painting

Rachel washed her new, plain mug with soap and water and made sure it was really dry. She then gave the surface a wipe-down with rubbing alcohol. This ensures a solid and complete stick of the stencil adhesive.

Next, you’ll cut your selected stencil out and affix it to your cup. Have fun and make it pretty. Press it down really well. Rachel stressed to make it super smooth.

Paint and stencil for mug

Now, sponge on your favorite color paint. Then, before it dries, carefully peel off the stencil.

Next, before you do anything else, wash your stencil! You’ve made an investment in it and will want to use it again soon on another project, right?

You can add adjoining stencil patterns or even overlay other stencil designs, like numbers or letters like Rachel did. Just be sure that each bottom layer dries completely before adding the next one on top.

Make it All Stick

When you’re all done and happy with your painting and everything is dry, it’s time to make it officially permanent. We want your paint job to stay on through handling and washing!

To do this, pop your cup(s) in the oven at 350°. “Bake” them for 25 minutes. Rachel advises to just turn off the oven after time’s up and let it cool down naturally in there.

Now, you’re all done!

Rachel was inspired by the Homegrown Monogram Mugs from Anthropologie.

homegrown monogram mug

These self-design mugs definitely top the charts when it comes to gift ideas. Your friends and loved one will think you broke the bank if you gifted a set of three!

Find Rachel’s complete and awesome tutorial at Rachel Rewritten.

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