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Repurposed Aluminum Can Wall Art

I was seriously blown away when I saw this three dimensional flower art that Gail from Purple Hues and Me made from repurposed soda cans.

Yep, this beautiful wall art was made from trash!

Here’s from Gail: “These unique looking wall flowers were hand cut, using a freehand flower pattern, shaped with added pieces of coat hangers and soda cans for leaves and stems – all assembled into lovely flowers and painted using acrylic and chalk paints on 9 x 12 inch canvases.”

Time to scavenge your recycling bin or hit up soda-drinking friends for empty cans!

DIY Wall Art ~ Follow this tutorial to make beautiful three dimensional flower art from recycled soda cans!

Gail was inspired by the Tommy Mitchell Gilded Flower Studies in Acrylic from Horchow.

Go to Purple Hues and Me for the tutorial for this DIY wall art.

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