Framed Art from Old Book Pages

pottery barn inspired art

Elizabeth of Broken Treasure was inspired by framed art from Pottery Barn featuring images on dictionary print to create her own as a gift for her son’s teacher. Elizabeth pasted together pages from an Early Childhood Education book she had and then stamped on an image of dandelion seeds blowing away. This technique offers great possibilities for repurposing old books into DIY wall art, and I love the idea of creating a grouping of framed images that hold personal meaning.

pottery barn inspired art

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Alphabet Wall Art with a Personal Touch

alphabet wall art

Anita from Inspired Passions first discovered the dreamy decorative world of Pottery Barn thanks to Rachel on Friends, and every since then she’s been hooked! Since Anita lives in the land down under and can’t actually have any of PB’s pretties delivered to her, she turns to DIY to get the same look. Anita made this amazing alphabet canvas for her son’s room using personal pictures and clipart. I love that she incorporated her faith into the pictures to make an awesome looking piece of artwork that is also packed with meaning!

alphabet wall art

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Pieced Wood Artwork


Melissa of This Girl’s Life recreated a piece of woodwork art she liked from Pottery Barn to better fit her budget and color-scheme. Melissa knew it was going to be an easy DIY (since it’s literally just pieces of wood!) and had the entire piece of artwork completed in less than a day. Even purchasing all the wood for the project, Melissa still spent only what it would have cost in taxes had she purchased directly from Pottery Barn. You could save even more if you’ve got wood scraps stored away!

pieced wood artwork - PB knock off

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Nautical Clipboard Art


I have seen clipboards used to create rotating gallery walls before, and their usefulness as wall décor doesn’t stop there. Jeanine at Okio B Designs was inspired to create nautical clipboard art for her office with white paint, starfish, and nautical prints. Clipboards are way cheap, and you could definitely have some fun customizing the design so they speak to you.

clipboard art for office inspired by pottery barn

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“Brother” Wall Sign


One of the perks of DIY is the ability to customize an item exactly how you want it. You want dark brown instead of black? You got it! That’s exactly what spurred on the creation of this wall sign by Aimee from The Vintage Estate. Aimee used paint and a contact paper stencil to easily replicate the plaque her client wanted in the exact color she wanted. I gotta say that I love this sweet little sign!

pb kids inspired brother plaque

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Vintage Chalkboard Plaques


We all have those projects that linger on our to-do lists for weeks, months, and even years. That was the case with these chalkboard plaques made by Melissa from Shabby Love. She had adored them for years, so you know it must have been all the sweeter when Melissa finally made her own collection of little boards out of luan. These would look so cute arranged on the wall together!

vintage chalkboards

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Scrap Wood Wall Art


Gretchen over at Gretchen’s Garage teamed up with her son on a snow day to turn scrap wood and leftover paint into a piece of wall art. The duo drew out their design on a piece of paper and then made the puzzle come to life with the cuts of wood and paint. For only $10 for the plywood backing, Gretchen got new wall décor AND a day of quality time with her son. Now that is something Pottery Barn can’t compete with!

scrapwood wall art

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Framed Skeleton Keys


Instead of paying $99 for framed skeleton keys, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage suggests stalking secondhand stores to make these beauties at a fraction of the cost. A mere fraction of the cost. Like $7 for two instead of $200! Angie pulled it off by pairing a set of reproduction skeleton keys she found at the flea market with thrift store frames. I love how they came out!

framed skeleton keys from flea market

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