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Painting Laminate Furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture you’d like to paint? Is that piece of furniture laminate? Do you dread the thought of painting it? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then this is the tutorial for you.

Mallory from classyclutter offers a tutorial on how to get professional results using her method of painting over laminate. The first step in the process is to take off all dirt and grime and even the gloss of the laminate. Mallory offers several products that will do the trick here. Next, a primer specifically blended for laminate is applied to the furniture, and this can take two coats. A spray metallic can be used to give the hardware of your piece a new life. Finally, using a sprayer, the piece of furniture can be painted whatever color you choose to go with your decor.

Why not choose something bright and unexpected like Mallory did?

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