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DIY Make Over For An Old Dresser

If you have a sturdy piece of furniture that is still in good shape, but the style no longer suits you or your needs, do what Jenni of ispydiy did and give the dresser a new look by remaking the front of the piece. Jenni completely changed the look of her dresser by giving it a faux front with the look of an old chest with map drawers.

She describes in detail how she created the vintage look in her tutorial. There is a complete supply list as well as detailed photos to illustrate the process she used. After measuring and cutting the boards she would need to cover each drawer, Jenni explains how she used black paint to create a shadow effect where the boards didn’t quite meet.

Knobs were screwed into the ends of each drawer, and a label holder was affixed to the center of each drawer to complete the vintage look. You can always add modern guides so that drawers can slider easier. Better yet, add some soft-close guides to keep your drawers closed! On the outside, it’ll always look vintage though.


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