Oversized Wall Clock from Old Tabletop

It was the end to a great day when Doreen from Hymns and Verses scored a free tabletop on top of all her other junk store treasures. Doreen knew she wanted to make a large wall clock using the tabletop and pulled it off for only $15 with stunning results. She did a stellar job hand cutting out all the numerals and then tracing and painting them onto the clock face. Hands down, I’d pick Doreen’s  creamy white clock over Ballard’s $229 clock any day!

DIY Home Decor ~ Repurpose an old wood tabletop into a large wall clock! {Ballard Designs Knock Off}

Doreen was inspired by the Lanier Wall Clock from Ballard Designs.

lanier wall clock

Visit Hymns and Verses for the simple steps to make your own.


  1. I like her version better too! Its amazing! Now, with that $200 savings go buy a silhouette machine! Just kidding….its impressive to see people spend the time to hand paint, especially when the results are so great.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my clock, Beckie! You’re the Best!

    PS – Can’t wait to meet you in person this year at Haven!

  3. Definitely going to check this out. Making one of these huge clocks is on my list, and has been for some time, I even have the hands and the face. Thanks for sharing. PS I would take this over the Ballards one any day too. -K

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