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Inlaid Plywood Storage Box

We all need extra storage in our homes whether it would be for kids’ toys, for linens, or for firewood, as this project is used. Cassity at Remodelaholic presents us with the plans to make an attractive holder to solve all sorts of storage issues.

Storage Box

There is a complete supply list for this project as well as detailed step-by-step instructions. The plans are also offered as a free download. The basic construction of the box is rather simple, and the plans can be adapted to suit your needs for how much will be stored as well as for how much space is available to utilize the box. The interesting aspect of this storage box is the inlaid geometric design on the outside of the box that elevates it from being strictly utilitarian.

Storage Box

The designer used scrap wood and started with 90 degree vertical and horizontal pieces and then filled in the empty spaces to create the modern geometrical inlay. She then used wood glue and finishing nails to secure the pieces.

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