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IKEA Table Hack with Added Magazine Rack

Angela from Blue i Style inherited an IKEA Lack Table from a friend.

Instead of just giving the table a new look, Angela gave it a new look and function by adding a magazine sling underneath.

Little did she know, CB2 was selling a table with a similar sling design for $249!

Here’s from Angela: “A day or two after finishing the table, I was shopping online an upcoming project and came across a gold side table at CB2 with a very similar black magazine sling below it.

I could hardly believe that I had created such a similar “knock off” without having seen the CB2 version first…”

IKEA Lack Hack ~ Wow! This Lack Side Table was transformed with a glam new look and the added function of a magazine holder underneath!

Angela’s table has a similar design to the SAIC Sling Nightstand-Side Table from CB2.

See the amazing transformation at Blue i Style.

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