Industrial Floor Lamp IKEA Hack

Kelly from Refreshed Designs had an IKEA floor lamp for years. While it got the job done, the plain gray finish wasn’t working with Kelly’s modern-rustic style. She gave it a simple makeover with flat black paint and sisal rope. It was a quick update that made all the difference! Kelly says, “The lesson here: […Read More]

“Be the Change” Inspirational Globe Makeover

One of the things Morena of Morena’s Corner loves most about Anthropologie is that their items have a beautiful handcrafted quality. This is also what makes it so tempting to knock off their items – the handmade look is part of the charm! Morena took a globe she found at a yard sale, painted it, […Read More]

Black, White, and Gold Vase Makeover

Rachael from This Is Our Bliss often finds herself stumbling upon an amazing decorative item that practically screams her name only to realize it costs waaay more than she can spend. What’s a girl to do but knock it off? Rachael took inspired from a beautiful Kate Spade vase with a black and white design, […Read More]

Marimekko Inspired Painted Dinnerware

Mark Montano loves colorful, vintage Marimekko patterns. However, the only way to get his hands on them would be to hunt down pieces one-by-one at thrift stores and on eBay. Instead, Mark decided to make his own dishwasher-safe dinnerware using dollar store dishes and gloss enamels. I honestly can hardly tell Mark’s handpainted plates from […Read More]

Industrial Task Lamp Makeover

Tyesha at House Made Home Designs was out thrifting when she came across a vintage brass task lamp. She walked by it but then couldn’t get the little lamp out of her head! Fortunately, it was still there waiting for a makeover when Tyesha returned to the thrift store. She took it home and gave […Read More]

IKEA Lack Hack with Magazine Rack

Angela from Blue i Style inherited an IKEA Lack Table from a friend. Instead of just giving the table a new look, Angela gave it a new look and function by adding a magazine sling underneath. Little did she know, CB2 was selling a table with a similar sling design for $249! Here’s from Angela: […Read More]

Flea Market Flip Chanel Tray

Denise from Be My Guest snagged a butler’s tray at a flea market for only $3 and knew it would be make the perfect side table for her guest bedroom. It just needed a little TLC! Denise updated it by painting the base white and then replacing the removable tray with a larger one she […Read More]

Cheap Planter to Stone Planter {with Spray Paint!}

Spring is just around the corner, and you may already be planning projects to spruce up the exterior of your home. Pretty planters bursting with fresh blooms certainly add curb appeal, but like Susan from Living Rich on Less says they can bust the budget! Susan shares how she used paint to transform $10 planters […Read More]