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Kate Spade Inspired DIY Painted Rug

When Jess from Domicile 37 takes on a DIY project, her goal is for it to a) serve a purpose and b) be close to what she wants.

So when it came time to select a knock off project for a Kate Spade challenge, she landed on this painted rug.

It didn’t scream Kate Spade’s usual bold style, but Jess needed a rug and already had the materials on hand.

She cut the utility rug she had in half to make it a runner and then painted horizontal and vertical lines and used a stippling technique to achieve a whitewashed look.

DIY Home Decor ~ Kate Spade Knock Off Painted Rug

Jess was inspired by the Kate Spade Fairfax Rug.

Kate Spade Fairfax Rug

Go to Domicile 37 to learn how to paint a rug in Kate Spade style.

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