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How to Hide TV Wires and Unsightly Cords in Your Living Room

How to hide your tv wires

Drilling holes in your wall to thread your cords is not always an option to hide unsightly wires.

Maybe your outlet is far from where your electronics need to go. Or maybe you can’t drill to the base of the wall because of a fireplace.

No worries. We’ll teach you how to hide TV wires with simple solutions that don’t require any holes in your walls.

Buy a Cord Hider

One of the easiest ways to hide TV wires is to use a cord hider. These 5-foot empty channels come in white. But you can paint them the same color as your wall to make them blend in.

You simply slide your cords inside the cord hider and use the double-sided adhesive to stick the cord hider to the wall.

This works great for vertical cords from the TV or wall mounted scones or even cords running along the wall. But this cord hider only has room for one cable or cord.

Use a Basket as a Cord Holder

Want a simple, no-fuss way to hide TV wires from sitting in a messy clump under your console?

Just use a pretty wicker basket and place it on the floor under your TV console unit. Bunch all the cords together with a velcro tie and string them through the basket handle in the back of the basket.

That way, when you’re watching TV, all you will see is a pretty basket and no cords.

Another way to make your living space feel more peaceful is to buy an air purifier. 

Hide Your Cords With Command Cord Hooks

Sometimes you have one outlet in your living space half-way across the room from where you need it. Annoying, right?

But you don’t have to live with a long extension cord over or under your area rug to have floor and table lamps where you want them.

One thing you can try is to tuck the cords behind furniture so that they are hidden from view using command hooks.

You’ll need to use the smallest command hooks for this project and you’ll need plenty of them depending on how far you need to travel. If you’re lucky you can find all these supplies for this hack at the dollar store.

Make sure to stick on the command hooks so that gravity keeps the cord tucked in place. You can stick command hooks along the back and down the legs of a side table.

Then you can hide your cords using the furniture already in your space. Genius!

Disguise Flat Screen TV Cords in Plain Sight

Fabric hides tv cables

The worst thing about hanging flat-screen TVs over your fireplace is the ugly cord hanging down.

But you can hide this with a simple DIY fabric cable hider. All you need is some fabric the color of your walls, velcro with sticky backing and a cable tie.

First, measure how long your visible cord is. That’s how long a piece of fabric you will need.

The fabric should wrap around the bundled wires loosely. Cut the fabric to the desired size and use fabric glue to stick it together. Or you can sew it.

Use cable ties to secure your cords together and thread them through the fabric sleeve. Lay your sleeve on your mantel and run it down the side towards your outlet.

This is much less of an eye-sore than a bunch of ugly TV wires.

Jute Rope Extension Cord Wrap

Use jute rope to hide tv wires

Another simple way to disguise extension cords that you just can’t hide is to make them blend in with jute rope. With just a glue gun and jute you can make your cords into a lovely decorative accent.

Jute rope is a neutral color and with its lovely texture, it will blend into your living space without any problems.

You need 200 feet of medium weight jute. The thicker the jute, the less you have to wrap. Plus it looks nicer too.

First, cut off the tags on your extension cord or cables. Put some hot glue from a glue gun on the base of the plug near the prong end.

Glue the start of the jute under the first full loop so that you have no obvious end. Wrap it around three or four times before adding another dab of hot glue.

Keep going until you reach the end of your cable. If you run out of jute but still need to cover more cable, just glue the new end under the next full loop just like you did at the beginning.

Tuck the final end of the jute under the previous loop to hide the edge. That’s it!

Note: this DIY project is not a fire hazard. You aren’t working with live wires or cutting the cord to expose the raw wire.

Use a Wall Mounted Electrical Outlet

Put tv outlet on wall behind tv

Earlier we talked about how annoying those cables and surge protectors on the ground are.

Here’s another way to get hide those TV wires from peeking out from under your console.

First, find or buy a multi-prong outlet that plugs into the socket. Then you can plug all your cords, TV, PlayStation, DVD player, etc. into it.

Now there is no surge protector on the ground. Next, use zip ties to group the cords so that they don’t hang lower than your console. The zipped cords will stay neatly tucked behind your furniture and off the floor.

Simple yet tidy. Just remember to fold up the cords tightly, or else the zip-tied cable will still hang to the floor.

Final Thoughts on How to Hide TV Wires

There you go! A bunch of simple ideas that you can easily do since you’ve learned how to hide TV wires in your living space.

Ready to tackle a bigger DIY project? Check out this DIY painted faux bone inlay dresser tutorial.

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