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Framed Agate Slices

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse had been lusting after $300+ framed agate slices for a few months but simply couldn’t justify the cost.

When she found a set of gorgeous dyed agate slices sold as coasters for only $20.00, Tanya jumped at the chance to make her own framed art from the beautiful stones.

Tanya says, “They turned out amazing and are even more “me” than the framed agate I knocked off!”

Framed Agate Slice DIY Wall Art ~ What an awesome idea to make framed agate art using inexpensive coasters!

Tanya’s inspiration came from the Custom Framed Agate by Quatrefoil Design.

custom framed agates from quatrefoil designs

Read more about how Tanya made her art at Dans le Townhouse.

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