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DIY Unique Angled Shelf Bookcase

Are you tired of finding the exact same bookcase in every store you enter? Do you need a new bookcase, but are you not ready to go with the same boring choices out there? If this describes you, then take a look at what Bre from brepurposedporch did to solve her boring bookcase problem.

The angled shelf bookcase is quirky and beautiful and Bre gives us complete directions on how to construct our own. She starts with a complete supply list of materials that are readily available at most hardware stores. Because the hardest part of this project is figuring out all the angles of the shelves, it’s great that Bre provides a picture of all the angles she found made the perfect fit.

Bre chose not to put a back on her bookcase, but it certainly wouldn’t be difficult to add one if you’d like your bookcase to be more closed in.

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