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DIY Cabinet From Wood Crates

Do you see unfinished wood crates in every home store and craft store? These crates are great to use as is, but for truly unique storage, try building a cabinet using the crates for sliding drawers like Paula from virginiasweetpea did.

Paula started with four crates and provides a complete supply list for completing the project. The procedure for building the unit is clearly described, and Paula also included detailed photos showing each step of the procedure. First, a frame is constructed, and this can be as tall or short as you wish. Since 4 crates or drawers were used here, the frame is four feet tall. Once the frame is complete, the work on the drawer slides begins.

The slides are inserted into the crates, and then the frame is fitted with the corresponding part of the slides. Finally, the frame is completed and squared up and the drawers are inserted.

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