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Damasking Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtains

Cindy from DIY Beautify wanted to turn her master bath into a bold and dramatic space that was cohesive with her master bedroom.

She had recently stenciled a wall in her bedroom and used the same damask stencil to create these eye-catching curtains.

Because Cindy used a drop cloth and a sample can of black paint, these pretty panels only cost her $8.50 – for BOTH!

ballard inspired stenciled curtains

How to Make Your Own

You simply can’t beat this price for knock-off curtain panels. Did Cindy really do this without any special curtain panels and sewing? Read on to see…

Americana Decor Stencil, Brocade Motif

Stencil perfect for the job

What Do You Need?

Aside from the tarps and paint, you obviously need a stencil with a damask design. One like this is perfect for the job.

As mentioned, Cindy used one she had from a previous project. Your investment in one should you need one won’t put you back too much. We’re talking about five bucks here.

You’ll also have it for future projects, because let’s face it, you can add a damask pattern to just about anything in your home…chairs, walls, ceilings, doors, clothing, rugs, cabinets, artwork and more.

Art and curtains are two of the most popular decor items where you can get your damask groove on.

Cindy meant business when she chose painter’s canvas tarps for her panel material. This is a thick material that won’t wrinkle easily, yet can hang nicely over a rod.

Since canvas drop cloths used for painting come in so many sizes, you can probably find one that fits your window. Go for larger than your window like Cindy did, and you’ll only have to buy one for BOTH of your panels.

Cindy was inspired by Ballard Designs’ Concorde Medallion Panel. This is one knock-off where you really can’t justify any thought whatsoever in purchasing the Ballard version… unless you want to save time. Time is money, but we think the time you spend making your own is invaluable.


Black and white damask materials really add a layer of sophistication to any room in your house. Depending on how much you want your curtain panels covered with the design will determine how long the project takes. Obviously, the more you add, the more stencil painting required.

As any DIY designer says, a project like this is totally worth it. It’s your own, AND you’ve knocked off many dollars from the Ballard costly price in this case.

For more info and specific materials that Cindy used for this project head on over to DIY Beautify to learn how to stencil your own curtains.

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