Daily System

Alisa from 365 Days of Olivia created a command center to help keep herself organized and scheduled.  She threw in special vintage pieces to complete the look and pulled off more of an art wall than just a place to have her calendar.


Her original inspiration came from one of the set designs for the Daily System from Pottery Barn.


Go visit  365 Days of Olivia to see more.

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  1. I really like this, especially the rolling pins. I would love to visit her site, but there is no link.

  2. Hey all, thanks for the kudos! I don’t know why it said it was invitation only, I have never had that problem before! Here is the direct link to my project…


    Thanks for visiting!

    • Thanks, Alisa–when I Googled “365 of Olivia” it came up with a totally different blog! That must be why it said invitation only. There isn’t any hot-link in the article up above. Thanks for the link–I’m off to read about your project!

  3. This looks so fabulous!! We are going to be repainting our living room soon and changing out the window coverings. Right now there are some old, ratty, very heavy curtains. We do want to block light (it comes it pretty harshly in the late afternoon)… does the bamboo shade do a good job of that?I love this look and would love to re-create it. Could you possibly tell me exactly which white IKEA curtains you have used? We don’t have an IKEA here in Denver and I would need to order online. Also, is there any trick to hanging the two bamboo shades side by side? How did you get them to match up perfectly?Thank you in advance for taking time to consider my questions!

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