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A Touch of Whimsy Q-Tip Flower Craft

Megan from Homemade Ginger found inspiration for a kid friendly craft project on a trip to Anthropologie. Displayed in their store were large flowers made from Q-Tips.

A light bulb went off and she knew that her kids would have loads of fun making their own Q-tip flowers. With Q-tips, and some other basic craft supplies Megan shows close up pictures and tips for creating these unique flowers. This fun and affordable kids craft is not messy, and easy enough for smaller children to do, with adult supervision of course.

They will need a hand cutting the Q-tips and flower stems, but the coloring of the tips will be easy and fun. What a great gift idea for grandparents and teachers as well. The best part, the flowers will never need watered. Great kids craft Megan, thanks for sharing !

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