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You’ll Find Many Uses for this Houzz Inspired Lybrook Side Table

Our practical engineer friend Jamison, from Rogue Engineer, shares with us his copy of a Houzz inspired lybrook side table. Figuring he could replicate the copy for $377 less than the one at Houzz, he set to work with 2 x 4’s and a few other supplies. The design features are slim and simple.

One of the great features of Jamison’s post is the detailed instructions and schematics he shares. With 5 pieces of wood Jamison explains how everything fits together once you pre-cut all the pieces. Do you find that you need a couple of side tables for seating areas? Or maybe you need side tables for your deck.

Now you have no excuse, because Jamison shows you exactly how to work through this functional project with step by step pictures. A casual design, this will work well in modern farmhouse or a rustic decor.

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