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The Ultimate Guide to Sports-Themed Decor: 9 Great Ideas

It’s summertime and sports season is in full-swing. Check out these 9 great ideas that are sure to thrill the sports lovers in your life. Whether you are looking for a great gift to make for a loved one or trying to find some inspiration to fill your craft sale, these ideas are sure to be a big hit.

1. Table

This adorable table would be a great addition to your man-cave or children’s room. Paint the appropriate sports them on the table and use cut-out or real baseball bats or hockey pucks for the table legs. Consider painting the team logo or sports fan’s name on one of the boards.

2. Chairs

The logo on this chair gets the point across quite nicely, we think. This chair is for Texas bottoms only, but you can, of course, customize your own chair with your own sports team(s).

3. Picture Frame

Still trying to figure out the best way to display your little fan’s best sports pics? Don’t know what to do with that spare section of fencing or pallet out back? Solve both problems in one with this super simple idea for all your sports-themed photos.

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4. Sports Storage

Whether you are looking to store sports equipment, toys, old blankets, or camping gear, this awesome sports-themed chest is a great idea for sports fans. Customize it, using your favorite sports’ upcycled equipment, such as old baseball bats, hockey sticks, or golf clubs. Hey! This actually doubles as seating at sporting events. What a great idea!

5. Book Shelf

Storing sports books and displaying your team pride doesn’t get easier (or more stylish) than this! Paint or use decals to decorate your own bookshelf with you own favorite team. You could even attach banners to the ends for extra pizzaz.

6. Wall Shelf

Trying to figure out how to showcase your kids’ favorite model vehicles? Why not hang a cool tire shelf on the wall? Simply attach the shelves or set them atop bolts for instant and simple coolness.

7. Bed

Soccer Bed

Photo: Soccer Bed

This soccer bed costs over $600 from Powell Furniture, but we think you could make it for well under $60. Simply measure and cute pipes (or 2 x 4’s) and attach plywood or set a box spring inside the frame. Attach the canopy net and voila! Super cool and easy soccer or hockey fan bed.

8. Desk

With just a little bit of paint, fabric, decals, and creativity, you can turn any old eye-sore dresser into a snazzy new sports fanatic’s desk and chair.

9. Dresser

For the grown-up sports fans in your family, paint a simple color and attach baseballs and bats for drawer pullers. For children, you can add some snazzy decals or stencils for amazing and colorful sports-themed dressers.

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