Best of PB #5: Vintage Breadboard Kitchen iPad Stand

I love the convenience of having tons of recipes right at my fingertips with the internet and electronic texts. What I don’t like is the idea of my pricey device lying on the counter where all kinds of destructive forces are at work. That’s where this tablet stand made by Angie and Colby from Angie’s Roost comes in handy! I love that it looks like a vintage breadboard, and would you believe it only cost Angie and Colby $5 to make???

kitchen ipad stand

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Black Café Shelving

It was love at first sight when Laura from Inspiration For Moms laid eyes on some café shelves in a catalog. Unfortunately, their purchase would cost her a Benjamin for each shelf. What’s a girl to but make them herself?!? With a little cutting, nailing, and painting, Laura had her shelves just in time to […Read More]