Best of PB #5: Vintage Breadboard Kitchen iPad Stand

I love the convenience of having tons of recipes right at my fingertips with the internet and electronic texts. What I don’t like is the idea of my pricey device lying on the counter where all kinds of destructive forces are at work. That’s where this tablet stand made by Angie and Colby from Angie’s Roost comes in handy! I love that it looks like a vintage breadboard, and would you believe it only cost Angie and Colby $5 to make???

kitchen ipad stand

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Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

What better way to dress up your table for Easter than with décor that looks good enough to eat… and actually is! It wasn’t the pretty flower arrangements or sparkling glassware that caught the eye of Jennifer from Jennifer’s Mentionables as she browsed through Pottery Barn’s Easter catalog but their tasty bird’s nest cupcakes that double as dessert and décor. How sweet is this?!?

birds nest cupcakes

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Test Tube Spice Rack

Adri from Dream Book Design just had to share a DIY spice rack project completed by her friend Kylie. Kylie purchased test tubes online and then simply filled them with spices of her choice. She labeled them and put them into a cute little wooden box for safe keeping. Besides looking stinking adorable, I love […Read More]