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Sleek DIY Console Table From Black Pipe

Is there a narrow space in your home that can use an upgrade with the potential for some added storage? An entryway or behind a couch are spots that are often overlooked as being prime for the benefit of a console table. Helen Kelly from HandmaidTales walks us through the construction of her console table and gives us a complete supply list.

This table is easily customized to suit your individual needs since the pipe can be cut and threaded to any length you choose. You’ll want to remember to thoroughly clean the pipe with a degreaser because there will be a lot of cutting oil on it. Once the pipe is clean, use a high-performance spray enamel to even out the color. Depending on your decor, the table can have a rustic look by using reclaimed wood, or a more modern look by painting a wood shelf or even using granite or marble to top the table.

An added bonus is the space under the table that can store baskets or ottomans.

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