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Unusual Penny Table Top

Do you have lots of pennies sitting around and would like to use them in a decorative project? This penny table top made by Remove and Replace will make a great conversation starter for your next party.

The instructions explain everything you need to get your table to look like the one in the picture. Rare and unusual the top of the table is made complete with an epoxy. Be sure to follow the instructions to prevent injury when completing this step. The table will take several days to complete so allow plenty of time for the table to cure prior to putting it into use. This table would work great in several different decor types including industrial and modern.

If you have not used a blow torch before, you may want to ask the help of someone who has. Have a table that may make a great base for this project? Start counting your pennies, you will only need 2000 or so to get the top you want.

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