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DIY Metallic Leaf and Feather Wreath

During last year’s holiday shopping, Jen from Elevate-Everyday couldn’t help but sneak into Anthropologie.

She noticed that feathers were a common theme in their lovely décor and was particularly smitten with a metallic wreath.

However, the $138 price tag made it completely off limits!

Jen hit up the craft store to recreate the wreath, layering gold and copper leaves with feathers.

Jen’s knock off wreath came in under $30 and can be complete in under 30 minutes if you don’t count paint drying time!

DIY Home Decor ~ Layer feathers and gold and copper painted leaves to make this Anthropologie knock off wreath!

Jen was inspired by Anthropologie’s Fallen Feathers Wreath.

Anthropologie’s Fallen Feathers Wreath

Find the complete tutorial at Elevate-Everyday.

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