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The Must-Have Power Tools For A DIY Enthusiast

set of handheld power tools

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or anyone who works with tools regularly, you know that there are some projects where a hand tool will simply not be sufficient.

Some jobs, only a power tool is capable of completing.

And some tasks get knocked out in a fraction of the time by using these devices.

No one will fault you for wanting to finish your project sooner.

Whether you’re just moving into a new home or you’ve lived there for an extended period, there will be some type of renovation work or maintenance duties of which you need to take care.

Most new homeowners want to make the house feel more like their property which means making improvements to the structure.

Simple hand tools aren’t enough if you’re going to do any kind of remodeling.

Power tools are much better suited for any demolishing and redo.

The Types of Tools Essential for a DIY Toolbox

hand power tools on a black background

Professional tradespeople are required to have the necessary tools for the job when they show up for work.

When you’re serious about DIY, having a well-stocked home workshop compliments your hobby.

Regardless of what project you may want to engage in, you will have the adequate tool for the job.

On the other end of the coin, you don’t want to have unneeded tools that you have no use for taking up room.

It’s better to choose supplies that offer versatility and can serve multi-purposes to be cost-effective and functional.

Some of the most beneficial tools to include in your box:

1. The recommendation for the most useful of all that you can choose from to have in your kit is a miter saw or, more specifically, 10″ sliding version. 

The claim is that the slider provides the ability to cut more significant pieces than the model without the slide.

With this tool, you have the capability of installing crown molding, cutting baseboards, framing out a door, and so much more.

2. It is entirely possible to do a majority of a household’s DIY work using a basic hammer and nails.

Still, the recommendation is that you can save much effort as well as time with the use of an air compressor and nail gun for structural work.

If you like to work with upholstery projects in furnishings, a helpful tool to have on hand is a staple gun.

young carpenter with nail gun

3. There should be no DIY enthusiast who is without a rotary sander.

The suggested ideal option is a 5″ with variable speed. In the past these tools were much too cumbersome.

Now, the models available are light and portable.

It is a must-have for anyone who’s stripping down any wood surface or furniture for re-staining, saving significant time, and a great deal of effort from doing it manually.

4. For someone who is much more serious about their DIY hobby, a jigsaw is a good piece of equipment to have on hand.

It may not necessarily be considered an essential tool for every household project enthusiast, but it is noted as offering great fun with which to work.

With this piece, you can use it for cutting out a multitude of different kinds of shapes, and there are higher quality models that you can purchase to do the more delicate detailed cutting.

If you like to do craft projects or maybe create wood furniture, this would probably be an essential piece for your work.

close up electric jigsaw

5. Cordless or corded drills are an absolute must-have when working in the home, whether you’re hanging shelves, putting together furniture, drilling holes.

The cordless typically have a fully recharged backup battery to keep the drill running when one runs out.

Most people avoid the corded models nowadays, not wanting to be restricted by the use of a cord.

6. An air wrench or impact wrench is basically a power socket wrench.

It gives an exceedingly high degree of torque with not a lot of exertion from the person using it.

These are generally powered via compressed air, but a few electric versions and some hydraulic varieties exist.

Those that are popular today include the handheld cordless electric type.

The tool is ideal for any kind of wrench work such as a tight lug nut, a stripped screw, bolts that are hard to turn.

The device would be construed as an essential tool for a DIY box.

7. One of the most common pieces of equipment on the market is the circular saw, and they use a toothed/abrasive type of disc blade to cut in a rotary motion.

The blade is surrounded by a frame around the top and along the sides.

They are ideal for making straight cuts the length of the wood, but models are made to make bevel cuts where there are depth adjustments and bevel adjustments.

These also have the option of being corded or cordless as well.

They have a broad spectrum of materials, including plastic, wood, masonry, metal.

You can use them by hand or mount them.

They have a reputation for being fast, efficient, and accurate. Read here for products specific for female DIYers.

circular saw

Power tools have no restriction as far as where you use them, whether it be professionally on a construction site, woodworking shop, or in the household for DIY projects or typical home maintenance duties.

The equipment that you buy will have a specific purpose.

A novice will need to take the time to learn and understand how the tool operates, its function, and how to stay safe in its use.

Any person who wants to perform work that requires extra effort above what the human hand can provide can use these products successfully, no matter the environment or situation.

If you’re someone who engages in quite a bit of different household tasks or has developed a workshop, it’s probably time to invest in a supply of versatile equipment to take care of your project needs starting with some of these must-haves.

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