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Individually Designed Sequin Wall Art

Do you love flashy and glitzy? Imagine the light shimmering off this large gold sequin wall decor item. It is bold and specially designed to add pizzaz to your decor. Mallory & Savannah from Classy Clutter share their instructions on how to successfully build this wall art.

With some large sequins, pins, spray paint and foam board their step by step pictures show how to attach the sequins to the board. They even include a tip to mount the project without adding holes to the wall. Once they mounted the sequin board to the wall they added the letters to build the word Inspire. You can add whatever word helps inspire you during the day. If you have a child you can add their name to the center on the wall.

This project would be great for a child’s room, but be sure to hang it high enough that they could not pull off the sequins. A fun project with lots of dazzles.

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