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Boys and Girls Backyard Slingshot Fun

Trying to come up with outdoor games for your kids this summer? This project will be the hit of your entire neighborhood. What kid does not love a slingshot? Jamison, at Rogue Engineer, constructed this marvelous project using plans from Ryobi Nation.

Not only will this keep your kids outside this summer, and away from the tv, it will move their muscles, and teach them how to have a great time in the outernet (**not a real word). Kids can stack buckets, blocks of wood, and small totes to try and knock over with a ball. An added bonus sneaks physics learning into the activity.

Water balloons can also launch from the slingshot. Imagine a hot summer day with squeals of delight, as children run around trying to dodge water balloons flying over head. The instructions are provided in the link. Don’t tell your kids you are building, otherwise, they will be underfoot watching you every minute until you are finished. This is a perfect project to keep them outside, and busy this summer, without the TV being turned on.

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Sunday 13th of August 2017

[…] Boys and Girls Backyard Slingshot Fun […]

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