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DIY Floral Sleeping Bag with Pom Poms

Usually a sleeping bag is nothing to get excited about it. However, when it includes a  pretty floral pattern and pom-pom detail, well that’s another story!

Kelly couldn’t help but notice this glamorous sleeping from Anthropologie and shares all the steps to make your own at Brit + Co.

While this may not be a fast project, the results are totally worth it!

Anthropologie Inspired Sleeping Bag with Pom Poms

Kelly was inspired by the Florabunda Sleeping Bag from Anthropologie.

Florabunda Sleeping Bag from Anthropologie

Go to Brit + Co for the step-by-step sewing tutorial.

Sharing is Caring!

Karen Boatwright

Saturday 6th of August 2016

Please be advised that this is NOT an Anthropologie design. The company procured a bag from me and copied it. When challenged they withdrew it from sale immediately. Brit and Co have been advised and do not have my permission to use it. See the originals here:

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