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Whimsical Kid’s Alphabet Block Storage Units

if you have kids, you know that storage for toys is an ongoing problem. Timisha from Toolboxdivas has come up with a solution that is both practical and fun for any kid’s room.

Each of the units created in this project can be used for storage and for extra seating, and they are perfect kid-sized. Timisha provides a complete supply list as well as cutting dimensions for each unit. Piano hinges are used to connect the top of the unit to the storage box section. Once the simple box has been created, the fun begins with personalizing and decorating the unit. Consider using chalkboard paint on one side of the box so your little artist can create pictures of his/her own.

For the rest of the sides and the lid, you could paint the box to resemble alphabet blocks or even designate each box for the type of toy stored inside. A final touch could be a padded top for a comfy seat.

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