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Add Wax to Flameless Candles for a Dramatic Effect

Jeanette from Country Design Style loves candles but uses battery operated ones since fire is always a concern in the woods where she lives.

While these fire-free alternatives may provide a warm glow, Jeanette just doesn’t find them very attractive.

She was hit with an idea in the middle of a sleepless night – added melted wax to the inexpensive candles for a chunky, dramatic look!

Jeanette couldn’t be more thrilled with this solution and has been giving a makeover to every flameless candle she has!


It couldn’t be more true what Jeanette said about battery operated candles with real wax costing way more than any sane person should pay. But we’ll give them some credit, because after all, they do look great.

But for the rest of us, we have Jeanette!

Her inspiration should be enough to lead us down the path she’s now laid out for creating our very own knock-off.

Her end-result is a little more “interesting” as compared to her inspired product, but everyone agrees hers turned out fabulous.

How did she do it?

Tip #1: Melting the Wax

It’s not too hard to imagine – she melted wax from an old candle using one of the pans in her kitchen that’s seen better days.


She played with the heat a bit before she found the optimal temperature for the pan and the wax. You want it to flow while still setting up fairly quickly.

If it’s too hot, then the wax is a bit too runny and will basically run off the sides of your LED candles that you want to add the wax to.

If the temp isn’t up high enough, then it won’t run and stick well. You’ll just have to experiment a little on your stove like Jeanette did.

Tip #2: Pouring the Wax

This will take some care and of course an artistic touch. You want the wax to drizzle evenly around the cylinder of your flameless candle.

You can pour directly from the pan, or you can spoon on – paste a little on, then do your drizzle action as you let the warm wax fall off of the spoon and drip down into place.

Jeanette also had a good idea to place foil on the inside of the candles. This can catch any wax that drips inside. We’re not THAT good to keep it all only where we want it to go, right?



Like any other candle, you can use these almost anywhere. Jeanette even put some up in a hanging chandelier. How cool does that look?

Of course, this is where some remote control LED candles like Ballard Designs carries would come in handy.

Give this a try if you love the ambiance that lighted candles bring.

I’m reminded that it isn’t just the soft, orange, flickering light that they give off that makes candles special; it’s also the candles themselves. The more character they have (even when not lit), the more they can bring to a given space.

Jeanette was inspired by the Fabulous Flameless Candle from Soft Surroundings.

fabulous flameless candlefabulous flameless candle and remote

Jeanette walks you through adding wax to flameless candles at Country Design Style.

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Friday 8th of August 2014

Thanks Beckie for this idea! It's little tips and designs like these that really add up and give a room character


Friday 8th of August 2014

Beckie, thank you so very much for sharing my chunky flameless candles. It's very easy to do and I love the results. At first I was afraid the "glow" would not show through the extra wax. But as you can see, they still glow! Have a great weekend. ~Jeanette


Friday 8th of August 2014

Love the idea, Jeanette. They definitely have a lot more oomph with the added wax!

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