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8 Awesome DIY Murphy Beds


Murphy beds are a great option for small homes that need a bedroom to function as both an office and a guest room.

However, buying a pre-made murphy bed and then paying for installation can get expensive very quickly!

If you are DIY-prone, you can make your own murphy bed relatively easily to save you both space and money.

These are a few of our favorites from around the web.

Brooke Murphy Bed

#8 Creative Decor by Brooke – Craft Room Murphy Bed

Brooke was preparing for a second child and dealing with the dilemma of space.

In order to turn the guest bedroom into a baby nursery, Brooke would have to give up part of her craft room to be a guest room.

Instead of trying to work around a queen size bed, they opted to purchase a murphy bed kit and hang the bed on the wall!

Ana White Murphy Bed

#7 Ana White – Murphy Bed Plans

Everyone loves Ana White’s amazing woodworking plans and this murphy bed is no different! It folds up to look like an armoire.

You can find user’s submitted “brag posts” on Ana’s website too, if you need inspiration for your own project.

#6 Ikea Hackers – Hacked Murphy Bed

This project used an Ikea slatted bed base as well as two Ikea cabinets.

The cabinets need to be spliced together to get a large enough frame to hold a queen sized bed.

Some extra hinges and a strap to hold the bed linens make the murphy bed complete.

#5 Junk In Their Trunk – Guest Room Murphy Bed

A family of 7 needs to make the most of their space, and this murphy bed was just the right trick.

They set the bed platform out and made a larger wall with several shelves on either side of the bed- perfect for holding books and CDs!

#4 Your Modern Family – $150 Murphy Bed

Becky had one of those “catch-all” rooms that was simultaneously a playroom, office, and guest bedroom.

To make it a sufficient guest bedroom, she had her husband, brother, and father build a murphy bed in the room.

#3 Addicted 2 DIY – Farmhouse Murphy Bed

Katie’s guests had previously slept in their “guesthouse” trailer in the backyard, but now they can sleep inside the house with a brand new murphy bed.

She added a desk to the bookshelf one one side of the bed for a totally functional piece of furniture.

They added cabinet handles to the front to make it look like a beautiful oversized armoire!

#2 Woodworking for Mere Mortals – DIY Murphy Bed

This DIY used a starter kit to make sure the hardware was all correct. Even if the hardware was a little spendy, it is still less expensive than a whole new murphy bed.

#1 All Things Thrifty – Barn Door Murphy Bed

This DIY also used a murphy bed hardware kit, but they decided to make the front look like a beautiful barn door.

The pop of turquoise is just the right touch of color that the room needed.

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