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7 Easy DIY Bike Storage Solutions

If you live in a small space, your bike may be taking up some precious real estate in your home. Getting it up off the floor is a great way to keep your bike safe and your hallways clear.

If you have a larger home with multiple bicycles, you may just want a way to keep your bikes organized without the pedals and chains getting all tangled.

Here are a few of our favorite DIY bicycle storage ideas!

#7 Handlebar Bike Hanger – Kyle Wilson

This bike storage is made from a set of bicycle handlebars. If you are using brand new handlebars you will want to tape them up so your bicycle doesn’t get scratched when you hang it up. This storage solution is great for small spaces to give your bike a home on your wall, or in front of your window!

#6 Simple Bike Stand – Instructables

Bikes with no kickstands can be difficult to store, or if you are a triathlete they can be tedious to house at your transition points. This DIY is surprisingly simple, requiring only a single 2×4 and a few easy cuts to put together.

#5 Bike Storage Rack – Single Tracks

If you have several bikes that tend to take up precious floor space in your garage or backyard, this simple storage rack can help to keep them contained. It is a fairly simple build, and can hold up to five bikes of almost any size with the spacing from the tutorial!

#4 PVC Bike Rack – Kids Activities

Taming a “crazy pile of bikes” can be tricky for any family, and if your bikes are growing as fast as your kids you don’t want a bike rack that may eventually not fit everything. This PVC rack doesn’t use glue so it can be easily taken apart if you need to add space for more bicycles.

#3 Pallet Bike Rack – Instructables

This is by far the easiest of all the tutorials, using only two pallets that were lightly sanded in the roughest spots. The slats between the boards are just the perfect size to hold bike wheels, and this storage solution is great if you don’t want to put a lot of elbow grease into a project.

#2 Wall Mounted Storage – Mini Penny

This storage solution was DIYed on the fly with a wooden plaque and a set of large hooks. They even added adorable His and Hers labels to their plaques. Little bit of math and this storage solution is super cute for a small space.

#1 Post Rack – Ikea Hackers
This bike rack uses an Ikea post that goes from the floor to the ceiling. It is a perfect solution for a rented apartment where you don’t want to put large holes in the wall. A few added brackets and you have a perfect two-bike solution!

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