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12 Charming Book Nooks

Grab your cozy blanket, a warm drink, and crack open a book in one of these stunning, charming, and irresistible book nooks.

Nooks and crannies, corners or hallways, benches or windows. Your reading area can be anywhere that you choose!

Just make sure it has the follow essentials when it comes to organization and comfort:

  1. A place to store your paperbacks
  2. Somewhere to sit (even if that’s a fluffy cushion on the floor)
  3. Adequate light to read the pages of your book (not as important of course, if you’re using a Kindle)

book nook1. The Book Nook Chair

Don’t have that perfect “nook” in your house for reading? Just create a book nook chair instead!

The outsides are wrapped in shelves for your favorite reads, while the inside is covered in cushions. Don’t forget to add extra blankets and pillows!

2. Bookshelves with a Canopy

Kids are sure to fall in love with this sweet reading space.

Low bookshelves form the barriers, while a gauzy canopy hangs overhead to clearly define the space.

This could even be adapted for adults – simply use taller bookshelves on the sides!

book nook

Bookshelves with a canopy

3. Closet Book Nook

Have an extra closet or cupboard in your home? Transform it by removing the doors and lining the walls with shelving.

Add in your books, pillows, and blankets.

Next insert yourself for a relaxing afternoon while you engage in an adventurous story!

4. Behind-the-Door Book Nook

Wall space behind doors is probably the most un-used spot in every home. There is the perfect little gap for some narrow shelves!

Add some thin bookshelves, and stand a fluffy pillow beneath.

Now you can have a book nook no matter how tiny your home is!

5. Geometric Bookshelf

Who said that reading areas had to be filled with regular bookshelves?

Brighten up your space with non-traditional storage for your books, like these funky geometric shelves.

Pop a chair in front and you’ve got yourself a great reading spot with storage, too!

6. Ladder bookshelf

Since a key element of a reading nook is a book shelf, why not add one with sophisticated style?

This ladder shelf can help create a reading space that isn’t in it’s own room or a corner.

It can hold all of your favorite novels and autobiographies, and over-sized vintage chairs would complete the look.

7. Floating Book Nook Shelves

Sometimes book nooks are teeny tiny. Save extra space by using floating shelves, like these! (Bonus: they are kid-friendly, too!)

8. Rain Gutter Book Nook

Step outside of the normal book nook character with a wild idea: rain gutter bookshelves.

They are sturdy, durable, and the perfect shape to hold books, decor items, and toys.

9. Reading Tent

Allow your whimsical stories to inspire your book nook.

Curtains, luxurious rugs, and stuffed pillows make every corner into a fairy tale land.

10. Under-the-Stairs Book Area

Have a two-story home? Then all of that space underneath your stairs is the perfect spot for a book area.

Open up the wall to create a cave-like room. Fit it with your favorite pillows and it’s ready to go.

Add shelves on the top, or narrow ones along each wall for a library feel.

11. Windows and Ladders Reading Nook

Although this isn’t technically a “nook” it functions as a reading area nonetheless!

Squeeze shelves between windows and above as well. Build a bench and attach a ladder.

All of that natural light from the windows is perfect for an afternoon spent reading!

12. Reading Bench

Similar to the last one, this isn’t a “reading nook.” But the combination of a bench with bookshelves underneath creates the ideal area for a reading spot in-between!

Storage and comfort are key features here, plus you can take this with you when you move to your next home.


Bench with book storage

Reading nooks are complete with overflowing shelves of paperback and hardcovers, some kind of light to read by, plus oodles of soft pillows and warm blankets.

Corners and closets are perfect, but don’t overlook behind-the-door or under-the-stairs as a practical space for your reading area.

Even a simple straight wall can be transformed into your favorite reading area.

What does your reading nook look like? Share a picture below – we would love to feature your designs on our blog!

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