Decorative Storage Boxes for New Built-Ins

After installing built-ins in her home office, Stephanie at Studio 36 Interiors wanted a couple of decorative boxes to store smaller items on the shelves. She was a huge fan of Z Gallerie’s Ming Boxes, particularly the geometric clasp and minimal, modern glam. However, she simply couldn’t spend $60 on a box. Instead, Stephanie picked […Read More]

Silver Starfish Bowl

Gail from Purple Hues and Me had been eyeing a starfish bowl from the Z Gallerie for some time, trying to figure out the best way to recreate it. Amanda at House Revivals got Gail going with her paper mache starfish tutorial. Gail crafted several starfish and then attached them together to form her own […Read More]

Painted Clam Shell Bowl

Michelle from Mich L in LA was planning to do a knock-off of a giant clamshell bowl from ZGallerie but discovered something even prettier in the process.  The secret to Michelle’s recreation was a giant plastic clam bowl she found at a yard sale for a buck. It wasn’t a pretty sight. That is until […Read More]

Bluecicles Giclee

Knock Off Decor reader Jamie Hammond sent in this picture of some handmade art she made.  Jamie writes, “I loved this artwork (Zgallerie Bluesicles) and decided to attempt something similar. I used a large canvas that I got for half off at Michaels. Then I took regular acrylic paint in multiple colors and laid the […Read More]