Upcycled Kitchen Message Board

Kim from Hunt & Host was inspired by all the crates, bottles, and greenery she saw on a recent trip to Magnolia Market to make a message board with these elements. Kim had just hit the jackpot in old fence pickets and was also able to incorporate them into the project. Kim says, “This kitchen […Read More]

Chalkboard Easel from Old Cabinet Door

If you are still looking for a custom gift idea for a special little one this Christmas, then look no further! Larissa from The House on Harrison turned an old cabinet door from curbside trash day into an adorable easel that’s perfect for parties or play. If you love this easel as much as I […Read More]

Wine Corks Upcycled into Wall Art

Do you have an ever-growing collection of wine corks at home? Or maybe friends who could supply a generous wine cork collection? Gail from Purple Hues and Me shows the perfect way to upcycle all those corks – into wall art for your home! Gail was given a TON of recycled wine corks from a […Read More]

Repurposed Spindle Holiday Angels

I always admire Jeanette of Country Design Style’s ability to take odds and ends and repurpose them into something lovely. These Christmas angels made from old spindles are definitely no exception! Jeanette said she’s actually been making spindle angels for years, but when she came across holiday angels from Ballard, it inspired her to make […Read More]

Cereal Box Quatrefoil Lantern

Nike from Choose to Thrive had been crushing on a lantern with a quatrefoil design. Like the rest of us, there isn’t much from Ballard that falls into an affordable price range for Nike, so she set off to make her own. Wondering how she made it? From a cardboard cereal box! Yes, seriously! She […Read More]

Recycled Newspaper Decorative Bowl

Gail from Purple Hues and Me was more than a little surprised to see newspaper bowls for sale online for ridiculous prices, especially considering the materials cost next to nothing! The crafter in Gail told her she could make the bowls herself – and that’s just what she did. This is a great way to […Read More]

Patterned Lamp from Recycled Container

I have been known to hoard a container or two (or a hundred) because they offer a plethora of repurposing possibilities. I was pretty wowed when I came across this Pottery Barn inspired lamp on Instructables that was made from none other than a recycled oatmeal container. All dressed up with a geometric pattern and […Read More]

Give New Life to Old Pillowcases with Dye

Angie of Knick of Time Interiors has found a new obsession in dyeing. It all started with Pottery Barn crochet-trimmed pillow shams that reminded Angie of ones she had stored away in a drawer years before and long forgotten. Angie pulled out the old pillowcases only to recall exactly why they were stuffed in a drawer – they were dingy and even had some some spots on them. Just when you think all is lost… it’s dye to the rescue! Angie whipped up a batch of grey dye and brought those dingy old pillowcases back to life!

dyed lace pillowcases

{…Read More…}