Metallic Gold Sunburst Mirror from Wood Shims

Charlotte of Ciburbanity recently became a new “card carrying member of the sunburst mirror club.” Charlotte used wood shims to create her mirror and opted for a classic metallic gold finish that’s full of pizzazz.

diy sunburst mirror

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Wood Beverage Tags

Susan from Homeroad loved some beverage tags she saw in the Ballard catalog and decided to make her own using shims. Susan cut, sanded, and stained her tags, and then wrote the wording by hand. If you love entertaining, these will definitely save your sanity from people asking what’s in each pitcher a gazillion times. […Read More]

Silver Shim Sunburst Mirror

Shelley from Crazy Wonderful backed a cheapo round mirror with lots of wooden shims to create this decorative sunburst mirror. She primed the shims, applied a glaze, and then coated them with a clear poly. I love how the glaze gives the shims an almost metallic appearance and contrasts with the brick background. This texture-rich […Read More]