Black, White, and Gold Vase Makeover

Rachael from This Is Our Bliss often finds herself stumbling upon an amazing decorative item that practically screams her name only to realize it costs waaay more than she can spend. What’s a girl to do but knock it off? Rachael took inspired from a beautiful Kate Spade vase with a black and white design, […Read More]

Gold Patterned Desk

Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design loved the look of a bamboo design wallpaper and had the pattern sitting on her desk for months waiting for its grand debut somewhere in her home. A thrift store desk/bar that Julia revamped became the perfect candidate, and she set out to recreate the design with one of her […Read More]

“Odds and Ends” Jewelry Dish

While Corinna from A Designer at Home says Kate Spade isn’t usually her style, she did find a gold trim trinket dish that was both cute and practical. She knew it would be simple to recreate and only had to gather three supplies – a square dish, a black Sharpie, and a copper paint pen. […Read More]

Sharpie Art Coffee Mugs

Honor from Home Heart Craft really takes Sharpie art to a whole new level with this project! Wanting to “add a little more color and spice to [her] kitchen cabinet,” Honor recreated a set of vibrant floral mugs she fell in love with from Anthropologie using just Sharpies. Honor says she simply doodled away on […Read More]

Sharpie Art Patterned Dinnerware

Do you love the idea of having patterned dinnerware but can’t afford to buy any? Holly Casto shares how incredibly easy and inexpensive it is to make your own! Holly picked up some white dinnerware at Goodwill and then had fun doodling designs on it with a Sharpie. I know durability is always a concern […Read More]

Sharpie Stenciled Pillow

Rather than purchasing a $100+ pillow in genuine Kravet Windsor Smith Riad fabric, Virginia from LiveLoveDIY decided to make her own stencil and use a Sharpie to create the same look. I love the interest the bold design adds to the space, and a few bucks for a designer look-a-like pillow is definitely something to […Read More]

5 Knock Offs You Can Make with a Sharpie

Do you ever see amazing knock offs and think, “Yeah, I could do that IF I had all those fancy tools.” Well, today we are keeping it simple with five knock off projects that require just a Sharpie. I am sure you can dig one of those up from your junk drawer, right? And, of […Read More]

“Odd and Ends” Jewelry Dish

Looking for a simple, inexpensive DIY project that yields a high end look? Shannon from Burlap and Lace shows how you can get Kate Spade style on a Wal-Mart budget! Sound good? Shannon started off with a plain white square plate, then added a little glitz to the edges with a gold paint pen, and […Read More]