Painted Stripe “Grain Sack” Pillows

faux grain sack pillows

For city girl Linda from It All Started with Paint, spare grain sacks are hard to come by. If at all. So Linda decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own faux grain sack pillows using drop cloth, fabric paint, and painter’s tape. I think the drop cloth offers the perfect texture for this project and love Linda’s pillows even more than Pottery Barn’s!

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DIY Rustic Wood Television Stand

pottery barn inspired media console

This Pottery Barn-inspired media console build couldn’t have come a moment too soon for Katie at Addicted 2 DIY! It was love at first sight when she laid eyes on Pottery Barn’s Benchwright TV Stand and she’d been wanting to build it for over a year. Ana White facilitated the process with her free project plans, and Katie and her hubs can finally replace their current folding table with tablecloth (aka the “high-tech redneck” media stand) with this beauty!

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Rubber Door Mat to Wall Art

welcome mat wall decor

Melissa from Two It Yourself loved the look of Pottery Barn’s hand-carved wood wall panel… but not for $400. Mostly not when it resembled something much cheaper – a rubber door mat! Melissa shows how with some homemade chalk paint you too can hang a door mat on your wall and pass it off as art!

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Etched Monogram Wine Glasses

etched monogram wine glass

When in need of a gift for a retiring friend, Stephanie from Full of Great Ideas had to look no further than her bottle of etching cream. She was inspired by some stemless wine glasses from Pottery Barn to add an etched monogram to her own store-bought glasses. I love this gift idea! Pair a bottle of wine with these classy-looking glasses, and your mom will think you totally stretched the budget for her. Don’t worry… I won’t tell {wink}!

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A Farmhouse Table for Making Memories

diy farmhouse table

For Lauren from Simply Free, a dining room table is more than just a table. She says, “The dining room, in our family, is the place where family and friends gather. Where we break bread, and share stories, and fill the room with laughter and love.” So it’s understandable why Lauren didn’t want to skimp on quality and set out with her husband to build a table that would fit their budget and meet their needs. Not only did Lauren and her hubs get the perfect farmhouse table at an affordable price, but they also got to share the experience of building their table together!

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Rustic Blanket Ladder for $5


Corey from Tiny Sidekick wanted to create a blanket ladder like one she’d seen in the Pottery Barn catalog. It wasn’t until she’d already made her own for $5 that Corey actually saw the whopping $179 price tag on her inspiration and realized just how much she’d saved. And to top things off, Corey made her ladder in only 30 minutes. If power tools aren’t your thing, you could even have the wood cut in the store. Then all you have to do is screw the pieces together. Easy peasy!

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Faux Shell Wreath for a Housewarming Gift


Katie from Addicted 2 DIY loved the look of the Faux Shell Wreath she saw on Pottery Barn’s website. Not a fan of the price, Katie was inspired to create her own version for less than $12. Katie doesn’t live anywhere near the beach, but her brother-in-law and his family just moved into a new house in California. What better housewarming gift for them than a wreath with coastal charm?


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Decorative AND Functional Wall Cubbies


You may remember the DIY potting bench I shared a few weeks ago that marked Susan from Between Naps on the Porch’s debut in the world of woodworking. Well, Susan is back with another build – a cubby organizer that she built for her office following plans from Ana White. Susan encountered a few bumps along the way and shares everything she learned for those of you who want to build your own. With a savings of over $100 from the Pottery Barn inspiration, Susan says she can “see why this building stuff is so addictive!”


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