A Storage Bench for Every Room in the House


As soon as Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic saw a storage bench from Pottery Barn with a weathered finish and curved lines, she says she knew it had to be done! Whitney enlisted the help of Ana White to draw up plans and then fired up the power tools. I love how the drawers provide hidden storage and can’t think of a room in the house where this beautiful bench wouldn’t be welcome!

storage bench

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One-Hour Heart Applique Pillow Cover


While I am not much of a seasonal decorator, I do have a soft spot for a pretty pillow. Lisa from Concord Cottage is always inspired by the beautiful pillows and bedding at Pottery Barn and replicated an appliqued heart pillow using fabric and craft paint from her stash. That means FREE my friends! Lisa says that even if you have to purchase the materials you are only looking at spending about $3, which is a far cry from $29!

appliqued heart pillow

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Heart Monogram Valentine’s Towels


Kimberly from Serendipity Refined is on a mission in 2014 to do more for less. To that end, she created Valentine’s tea towels by adding embellishments to towels she already had. For two of her towels, Kimberly let her sewing machine do most of the work, adding a monogrammed heart and pretty ribbon trim. However, she didn’t stop there. Kimberly also made a hand-stitched version just to show it could easily be made by hand in less an hour. Kimberly even says she prefers the personal feel of the hand-stitched details!

Pottery Barn Inspired Monogrammed Valentine's day heart towel DIY

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Give New Life to Old Pillowcases with Dye


Angie of Knick of Time Interiors has found a new obsession in dyeing. It all started with Pottery Barn crochet-trimmed pillow shams that reminded Angie of ones she had stored away in a drawer years before and long forgotten. Angie pulled out the old pillowcases only to recall exactly why they were stuffed in a drawer – they were dingy and even had some some spots on them. Just when you think all is lost… it’s dye to the rescue! Angie whipped up a batch of grey dye and brought those dingy old pillowcases back to life!

dyed lace pillowcases

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Woven Storage Basket with Metal Handles

baskets with metal handles

Angelica of My Dear Irene loved the idea of adding metal handles to woven baskets like those she saw from Pottery Barn. Even on sale, those oversized baskets were $95! Angelica got the same look with simple baskets and drawer pulls from the hardware store. From the pantry to the laundry room to the office, there isn’t a place these baskets don’t add function and style. The hardest part of the whole project is deciding where to put them!

baskets with metal handles

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Stenciled Heart Burlap Pillow Cover


Melissa of Two It Yourself created an adorable stenciled heart pillow for Valentine’s Day. While her inspiration wasn’t square or made of burlap, Melissa says that’s what’s so awesome about DIY. You can make your pillow cover to fit whatever pillow form you have at home! I love that this design has a pop of color without being over-the-top, in-your-face Valentine’s colors. And, if you like the non-traditional, you could always customize that stand-out heart to coordinate with your décor – just another perk of DIY!

burlap heart pillow

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Turn Small Mirrors into a Large Mirror


Small mirrors from the dollar store may not seem like much to get excited about, but when their powers combine… Michelle from Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea followed the tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts to turn nine small mirrors into a BIG statement-making multi-panel mirror. She says this is a beginner level project that only takes about 30 minutes to complete and costs less than $15. If you can operate a roll of duct tape, you can make this mirror!

diy multipanel mirror

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Frames with DIY Burlap Matting


It is important to me that my décor is meaningful, and there’s not much that means more than the faces of those I love. That means framed family photos are a must around my house! Erin from Life in the Dub Lane put some of her memories on display with Pottery Barn-inspired burlap frames that she created using $4 frames from IKEA. Erin says it was the “most thrifty little  replication” she’s ever done. Isn’t it amazing how something as cheap as burlap can give a more high-end look?!?

diy burlap frames

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