Large Vertical Wood Christmas Sign


Melissa from Two It Yourself was inspired by a a vertical wood Christmas sign from Pottery Barn to turn a pallet into a sign of her own. And since she already had the materials on hand, it cost her nothing but a little time! Melissa decided to go with a different finish than Pottery Barn’s and used one of her favorite techniques to achieve an aged look. She also customized her text and simply printed the letters from the computer to trace around. I agree with Melissa – her free sign is just as charming as Pottery Barn’s pricey one!

christmas wood sign

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Paint a Christmas Pillow Like a Pro

painted holly pillow

It’s no secret that Pottery Barn has absolutely beautiful pillows. Last year one particular pillow with a holly leaf wreath caught the eye of Colleen from Just Paint It.  She knew she could replicate the design with craft paint on a piece of drop cloth for a similar effect. I love how Colleen breaks the steps down for you, so even the non-artist can pick up a paint brush with confidence. Here’s what she says about her new pillow: “It wound up much easier to knock off than I thought, using a simply holly stencil and cotton swabs for the berries. It can be painted easily in an afternoon.”

painted holly pillow

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Stenciled “Jingle” Pillow that Jingles!


Maria from Our Home Away from Home has been working on her Christmas décor for weeks now. Just when Maria thought she had it all planned, the Pottery Barn holiday catalog came along and tossed another DIY challenge her way. The jute “Jingle” pillow was calling Maria’s name and she already had all the materials on hand to make her own. That’s pretty hard to resist, and who doesn’t love a cute and free pillow? I know I do!

diy jingle pillow

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“O Holy Night” Christmas Sign


Anita from Inspired Passions could not be more excited that the holiday season is upon us. Bring on the decorations, ham and turkey, Christmas carols, and… holiday signs! Anita was inspired by a sign from Pottery Barn and achieved a similar look by layering stain and acrylic paint. She put her own spin on it by customizing the message to make it more meaningful. After all, what’s the purpose of a pretty sign if it doesn’t mean anything to you?

christmas sign 3

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Old Cabinet Door to Christmas Sign


In order to stock her booth for Christmas time, Karin from Art Is Beauty has been on a sign-making mission. She has a shed full of old cabinet doors that are the perfect canvases for her creations and was inspired by a Pottery Barn pillow to turn a square door into a piece of Christmas art. Karin liked how the pillow resembles chalkboard art and used chalkboard paint to achieve a similar effect. I love how the inset panel of the door makes the sign look framed. What a great repurpose!

christmas sign 2

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Gold Pinecone Christmas Topiaries


Combining metallics with natural items seems to be the trend for holiday decorating this year. Jen from Tatertots and Jello brings those two elements together beautifully with these gold pinecone topiaries she created for I Heart Naptime’s Crazy Christmas Event. Jen simply glued mini pinecones to Styrofoam cone forms and then spray painted them for a glitzy gold finish. Are you totally digging gold too this holiday season???


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An Open Bookshelf for an Awkward Corner

open wood bookcase

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic had an empty space between the couch and window in her living room that she was always struggling to fill. The answer? An open bookshelf design from Ana White that would provide the needed height without blocking the natural light. Whitney again busted out her power tools to whip up this bad boy for under $100. That’s $700 less than her Pottery Barn inspiration!

open wood bookcase

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Spell It Out with Glitter Letter Ornaments


Your Homebased Mom Leigh Anne is all about a themed Christmas tree and displays a “Joy” tree in her family room each year. She thought glitter letters would be the perfect way to spell out “joy” for her tree and knew she could make them cheaper than purchasing them from Pottery Barn. Sure, $3.50 sounds cheap for something from PB, but it still doesn’t beat the cost of cardboard, glue, and glitter! Don’t you love that sparkle???

Glitter Ornament

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