DIY “X” Picnic Table for a Deck Makeover


In the midst of a complete deck makeover, Pam from DIY Design Fanatic enlisted the help of the hubs (aka Mr. Fanatic) to build her a X style table that she had been eyeing for years. Mr. Fanatic followed Ana White’s plans for the build, and Pam finished it off with a contrasting gray and brown stain finish to mimic the look of a zinc tabletop. Now Pam’s just one bench away from an end-of-summer get-together {wink}!

Pottery Barn inspired picnic table

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Rustic Planked Nightstands

rh inspired planked nightstands

Jen from The House of Wood was inspired by those handy sisters at Shanty 2 Chic to tackle building a pair of nightstands. Jen also followed Ana White’s plans for her build and didn’t encounter any problems until it came to staining. Jen rolled with the punches though and sanded down her finish for the […Read More]

Open Bottom Dresser

pottery barn kids diy dresser

After having her son’s TV sitting on a laundry basket, Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic knew it was time to bite the bullet and tackle a dresser build. With plans from Ana White, Whitney totally conquered this new challenge and came out the other end with a beautiful new dresser with metal slides and an […Read More]