Industrial Task Lamp Makeover

Tyesha at House Made Home Designs was out thrifting when she came across a vintage brass task lamp. She walked by it but then couldn’t get the little lamp out of her head! Fortunately, it was still there waiting for a makeover when Tyesha returned to the thrift store. She took it home and gave […Read More]

Vintage Industrial Chalkboard Shelf

Scott from Saws on Skates was inspired by a chalkboard shelf from Ballard Designs and knew he could knock it off for way less than $159. Scott’s shelf is nearly identical to Ballard’s, featuring the same crate-like design, metal-strapped corners, and chalkboard back. Scott says, “Not only is it attractive, but it’s really easy to […Read More]

One-of-a-Kind Pulley Floor Lamp

Kim of The Kim Six Fix was inspired by Pottery Barn to create her own “one-of-a-kind lamp for a one-of-a-kind girl!” Kim’s Pottery Barn inspiration features functioning pulley wheels; however, Kim wasn’t able to get her hands on pulleys in the needed time frame. She moved on to Plan B and created her own pulleys […Read More]

Industrial Wood and Metal Tray

Kim of The Kim Six Fix decided to deviate from her normal decorating style to create this industrial tray inspired by Restoration Hardware. Kim was motivated by the fact that she had NINE FEET of metal flashing in her garage that she needed to use! She found Restoration Hardware’s tray and decided to knock it […Read More]

Concrete and Pipe Industrial Wall Shelf

Ashley from Simply Designing says that pipe shelves are her favorite, so it comes as no surprise that she wanted to create her own – but with a TWIST! Ashley was inspired by a shelf from Restoration Hardware but shook things up a bit by using concrete instead of wood for the shelves. Ashley reassures […Read More]

Factory Cart Table

Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After couldn’t have been more elated to receive this amazing factory cart table for her eight year wedding anniversary. Her sweet husband built the entire thing from scratch using reclaimed wood, antique rail cart wheels, and other supplies from the local hardware store. Jennifer says, “I am in LOVE with the […Read More]

Industrial Rolling Bookshelf

Lisa from Texas Décor had a corner in her living room that needed a more substantial piece of furniture but just couldn’t decide what it should be. That’s where’s Dear Lillie’s gorgeous Restoration Hardware inspired rolling cart comes in. Lisa followed the tutorial to make the cart for only $105 – instead of $2,500! Lisa […Read More]

Rustic Perpetual Desk Calendar

Katie from Little House of Four loves shopping at World Market for home décor. Although they have great prices, there are times when a knock off is in order to save a few dollars. Katie recently took inspiration from a $50 metal perpetual calendar and created her own for a fraction of the price. It’s […Read More]