Spell It Out with Glitter Letter Ornaments

Your Homebased Mom Leigh Anne is all about a themed Christmas tree and displays a “Joy” tree in her family room each year. She thought glitter letters would be the perfect way to spell out “joy” for her tree and knew she could make them cheaper than purchasing them from Pottery Barn. Sure, $3.50 sounds cheap for something from PB, but it still doesn’t beat the cost of cardboard, glue, and glitter! Don’t you love that sparkle???

Glitter Ornament

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Jewel Snowflake Pillow

Paula from Me Makey Things loves adding some sparkle to her décor for the holidays. After creating a simple pillow cover from leftover velour, Paula added craft rhinestones in a snowflake pattern with fabric glue.  This was a simple and quick  project that Paula was able to complete with materials she mostly had already in […Read More]

Christmas Glitter Wall Décor

Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor created her own sparkly spin on Pottery Barn’s NOEL wall art. Amanda attached some craft store letters together with hot glue and her staple gun and then gave them a coat of red paint and glitter. You know I am loving some glitter these days, so all the shimmering goodness […Read More]