Faux Zinc Dining Table

refabbed table with faux zinc finish

Michelle of That Mommy Blog wanted to give her dining room a makeover that would reflect her “true and passionate love for neutrals, texture, and metallics.” She made a huge impact in the space by transforming her dining table into the table of her dreams with a faux zinc tabletop and distressed base. Michelle’s faux zinc finish is impeccable and offers a more subdued way to integrate metallics into a space.

refabbed table with faux zinc finish

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Oversized Zinc Letter Art

Julia from Chris Loves Julia made these gigantic letters out of foamcore and then gave them a faux treatment to make them look metallic.  I can’t believe how amazing they turned out.  No one would ever guess they were made from foamcore. She was inspired by these Oversized Zinc Letters from Anthropologie which retail for […Read More]