Book Page Spiral Wall Art

Angela from Blue i Style is a huge fan of creating her own wall art. She says, “I love saving money by making something myself, I like being able to customize art to perfectly suit my space, and I just plain enjoy the creative process.” While searching for inspiration for art to include in her […Read More]

Monochromatic Pumpkin Art

Well happy October to you! If you are not a lover of all the orange that comes with fall decorating, check out this monochromatic pumpkin art from Bethany at Pitter and Glink. Bethany came across a cute pillow cover from Pottery Barn that features a neutral color palette with whimsical curling vines. While Bethany didn’t need a pillow cover, she was up for some seasonal wall art and layered various materials to create a pumpkin that’s full of texture!

monochromatic pumpkin art

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Book Page Scrolls

While scouring catalogs, you may notice that sometimes it’s the little props used for staging that really make the display. Heather from Setting for Four easily created her own book page scrolls that are great for filling baskets, vases, and even glass lamps. It’s as simple as tearing out a few pages, rolling them into […Read More]

Decoupaged Round Table

Catherine from Stone and Rose took a castoff table that had been sitting in her brother’s garage for years. It was the type of table you might find in a school with solid metal legs and a round laminate top. After noticing that the table bore a resemblance to pricey industrial tables, Catherine set out […Read More]