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Southwestern Rugs: Everything You Need to Know

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Southwestern rugs are stylish and unique in their appearance. They come in natural hues that are representative of deserts and the rest of the Southwest landscapes.

You’ll find them in sunny yellow, dull orange or even turquoise, the typical colors of the southwest. The rugs are versatile, functional and decorative.

They will work in most areas of any house that has a bit of Southwestern or Western flair.

Whether you want to use your rug in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room, the cozy colors are bound to give your home a warm touch.

Benefits of Area Rugs From the American Southwest

They’re Uniquely Decorative

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Area rugs from the Southwest are perfect decorative items. Whatever your interior color theme, there’s a rug from the southwest for you.

A shawl woven from wool can beautifully decorate walls and complement your southwestern rugs for an attractive, cohesive look.

The rugs go well with suede or leather furniture upholstery. Southwestern style couches, beds and nightstands made with slightly burned or curved pine with knots complete the look of interiors with a western theme.

You can also easily accessorize your southwest rugs with clay pottery, terracotta or tile roofing for a beautiful look. Create a beautiful-looking desert in your home with Mexican ceramics with a touch of the 16th century.

Hand paint walls, tiles, counter tops or floors to accessorize your area rugs from the southwestern part of the country.

They’re Easy to Clean & Durable

Cleaning carpets and area rugs can be tedious because they tend to be bulky. The brightly-colored carpets are easy to clean; simply vacuum them once a week or give them a quick daily sweep to keep them dust- and dirt-free.

There’s no better way to accessorize your home in color for a touch of the southwestern style than using these beautiful area rugs. Made from premium Endurastran nylon, the area rugs can last for many years of constant use.

They’re Available in Many Options

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The southern area rugs come in all sorts of patterns, colors, sizes, shapes and themes to choose from.

They also come in varied types such as the El Dorado, Horse Thieves, Sallisaw and Coweta. Inspired by natural landscape such as deserts, carpets or rugs from the American southwest bring nature indoors for a beautiful touch.

Choose from square, circular, oval or triangular shapes to suit your interior space and personal taste. There’s an area rug out there for every unique personality and taste of different homeowners.

Many rug stores in the area offer southwestern area rugs to choose from. There are usually many different sizes to choose from, but the most popular size seems to be 8x10ft rectangular. The rugs are made in varied patterns and color schemes to choose from.

When buying western area rugs, opt for one with patterns, colors and shapes ideal for your unique area of application. Pick a rug in colors already in your interior space for an attractive look and feel.

Choose colors that match or complement your existing interior décor scheme to elevate the appearance of your home. Visualize your dream carpet in its rightful place indoors to determine if it’s the right fit for your interior space.

Heavy Navajo Influence

Native American tribes such as Navajo heavily influence area rugs from the southwest part of the U.S. They’re brightly-colored, handmade, earthy-toned, and have a rocky texture.

Unlike things made in the modern era, items made in the south western style are purely handmade for exceptional human touch.

Other attractive southwestern style area rugs include cactus green, adobe red, turquoise and yellow, among others.

Commercial Grade Durability

pottery decor

The southwestern style area rugs are made for prolonged durability. They also come in a lay-flat design for optimal coverage of your floor. With the durability, your area rugs can last for many years to the treatment of your interior space.

If you’re in the market for southwestern rugs for your home, it’s important to consider the various brands and stores you can buy from.

Our favorite store for unique southwestern designs is Southwestern Rugs Depot. They’re considered by most interior designers to be the go-to rug shop for everything Southwest and Native American inspired.

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