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Best Outside Christmas Light Ideas


With the jingle of the bells should shine the lights so bright, sending all the good tidings of Christmas from your home.

Just as we deck out the interior of our homes, let’s light up the outside as well with beautiful lights for this holiday season.

From the traditional Pine Garland with lights to solar rope lights, there are many good options to choose from.

Take a look at these innovative ideas to cheer up your homes with Christmas Lights:

1. Pine Is Always Fine


Tradition calls for a Pine wreath when Christmas is at the doorstep.

Let’s give it a twist and attach a string of fairy lights to the green pine garlands or wreaths.

Then border the front door frame and cover the porch poles or banisters with the natural looking fresh green goodness, giving the spectators a walk back into the woods.

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2. Presents…Presents


The holiday season calls for sharing, the joy of giving fill our hearts.

Why not try a small way to let people be reminded of this little thing? “Lighted Christmas Presents”.

Buying gift boxes can be quite expensive so we’ll get to some DIY-ing.


Wood for the frame

Remember to use any left-over wood you got because Christmas is also
about caring for our trees.

Outdoor Lights

Get enough for the number of boxes you are making

Mesh Ribbon

Any color you like


Let’s go for the red color to bring in all the Christmassy feeling, but the choice is always yours.

Find some good measurements for the boxes, making sure that you get some big and small boxes.

Using a miter saw, nail gun and compressor (or just a hammer and nails), bring out the carpenter in you and make the boxes.

Now, start hanging the light strings on the boxes and staple as you go along.

After the lights are done, cover the boxes with the mesh ribbon and stapling them to avoid creases or folds.

It will be advisable to leave the bottom region open so that we get to access the lights without having to disturb anything.

Finally, make beautiful flowers from your ribbon and attach them to the covered boxes.

Place the boxes outside and plug in the lights. Let the joy of giving spread out from your home.

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3. Coloring It Up


Colors bring much cheer to us at all times. This Christmas, we can fill the outside of our homes with a lot of different colors.

The multi-colored LED ball-style fairy lights will definitely be a unique add up to your outdoor Christmas décor.

They are long lasting and can work up to 8 hours if exposed to enough sunlight during the daytime.

They can be easily hung from the trees, made into roof patterns over the driveway, etc.

Added to everything, these lights can survive rains and offer you several types of settings, like twinkle, fade out etc.

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4. Old Lantern Lights


Rustic is always beautiful, hence the old daily use objects like lanterns can definitely bring much beauty to your Christmas decorations.

With the metal head and bottom and the glass in the middle, you will get a perfect hang for the outdoor.

Fill the lantern with LED string lights and hang them in the porch or on the tree branches. Let the lights guide everyone home for Christmas.

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5. Hula-hooped


Hula-hoops are always a fun thing for the young and old. The swirl and the swish of these simple rings always bring laughter to us.

Why not bring a bit hula-hoop fun to the Christmas decking up? Another DIY-ing idea for us to innovate on.


  • Hula hoops
  • Hooks
  • LED string lights

Spray paint the hula hoops with black color. Now wind the string lights on to the rings firmly by tying them tight.

Finally, attach hooks to the Hula hoops and hang them from the ceiling at different heights. Plug in the lights and enjoy the hooped twinkles.

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6. Foldable Snowflakes


What’s Christmas without the flaky white snow? Snowflakes have been a part of Christmas décor since forever, but huge hangings can be a bit of trouble when it comes to storing and keeping safe.

Now we have the foldable snowflake hangings with double-sided lighting.

These are foldable and compatible for storing and large enough to lighten up your outdoor with the brightest white light in the perfect amount.

Buy enough to hang on the branches of your trees and make the snowy glow be seen.

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7. Balling up Some Snow


Who doesn’t like a snowball fight during the holidays? Well, here’s a way to make your skill in balling up the perfect snowball useful for the outside decorations.

Get your hands on the soft white snow and roll them into small balls. Place them into a circle on the ground and keep adding the layers to the top, each smaller than the bottom one.

Leave enough space at the top to let the heat escape. When the dark creeps in push a tea light through one of the gaps until it reaches the center of the little tower.

Then with a long taper, light it. You’ve got the warmest snowball towers for Christmas.

Line up the lawn with a few of these and enjoy the lights.

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8. Toma-tree Xmas lights


Farming is the need of the hour. It’s time we make our kids understand the need for at least growing a tomato patch of their own. Ok, so what’s with Christmas lights and tomatoes? Here goes, let’s get to make some really cool Xmas trees with reused tomato cages.


  • Re-usable tomato cages
  • LED string lights
  • Rubber bands

Take two tomato cages and place them one over the other for a firm frame. Make sure you place them upside down with the wider portion at the bottom.

Now take the tip of the cages, the ones we normally stake into the ground and tie them firmly with a rubber band to make the perfect treetop.

When the tree frames are made, start wrapping them with the string lights, from the top to the bottom making desired crisscross patterns as you like.

Make sure you conceal the rubber band at the top wisely. Now place your trees in the garden and plug in the lights. Enjoy the beautiful little trees with the brightest glow.

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9. Good Old Mason Jar


Mason jars always head the list of things that can bring a countryside feeling in our hearts. They can be a wonderful choice for outdoor lighting ideas for Christmas without a second thought.

All you need are, some mason jars with special handle lids to hang them where ever we want and some solar led light strings.

Fill the mason jars with the light strings and put the lid on.

Now hang these outside your home and wait till the lights start glowing in them.

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10. Solar Rope lights

Solar powered rope lights for outdoor Christmas decorations

Finally the easy beauty tip. Buy some solar rope lights that are waterproof and twist them on to the trees and patio frames for the soft white light feel for Christmas time.

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