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5 Secret Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive


Although the kitchen and bathroom are considered the most important places in a home, the living room is equally vital.

In the majority of floor plans, this is the first space your guests will see. For this reason, it should reflect your taste and create a great first impression.

Many homeowners have the perception that they need to acquire extravagant couches, dining tables, and accessories to pull off a polished and high-end look.

Through the following 5 tricks, we will prove that you can achieve elegance through simple details that will transform your drab and ordinary looking living room into a haven with an air of luxury and comfort.

1. Invest in textiles

Incorporating layered textiles on your living room is the best and easiest ways of dressing it up. Start with pillows and get your textiles from your local fabric store.

Be sure you get the right color and design combination and choose discounted scraps. You could either sew up the textiles yourself or get a tailor to do it for you.

Get different furniture covers or throw blankets to create a ‘wow’ effect without breaking the bank.

2. Create a layered lighting concept

The layering of a room’s lighting requires you to go beyond basic lighting and arrange different lighting styles so that you create a functional lightscape in your living room.

For instance, you can use recessed cove lights which are positioned in such a way that they highlight your room’s focal points.

You can also use charming chandeliers or pendant lights.

3. Make sure your curtains hit the floor

There’s nothing that better creates the illusion of a large living room than draperies that hit the floor.

Should you be worried that your curtain will drag and get dirty, it pools on the floor, stop it just before it hits the floor.

As you want your curtains to appear full rather than skimpy, use sufficient fabric.

Also, choose fabrics that suit the room’s mood. Lighter blends will make your living room feel casual and will filter light while denser fabrics will make it appear more or less formal.

4. Use metallics

If you are planning to remortgage for interior projects you can add metallic accents such as copper, gold, and bronze for a polished and luxurious look.

Metallic accents blend in well with Victorian interiors. However, be careful not to overdo it.

Choose metallic light fixtures, pedestal table, a gold leaf mirror, a flower vase, pendants, or a metallic bird cage that houses your scented candles.

5. Invest in large-scale art

A large piece of art will make your living room appear bright, luxurious, and will act as a great focal point.

Statement pieces do not have to be from art galleries, instead, go to thrift stores and flea markets where large pieces are sold at reasonable prices.

If your budget is quite constrained, get creative and create your canvas painting, a poster hanger, or a sunburst mirror.

While these projects are inexpensive, you could go ahead and remortgage for interior projects.

Remortgaging allows you to use your home’s equity for more cash which can be used for such projects and gives you the flexibility of consolidating your debts into one affordable monthly payment.

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