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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Expensive looking bedroom
Got expensive taste? That’s ok. On a budget? Also ok. But how do you make both fit together when you’re redesigning your home?

You might feel this is too tricky to tackle. It can be done though! Yes, it will take some compromise but you can still make your home look and feel the way you want without going over your budget.

Here’s how to make your home look expensive on a budget.

Where to Spend Your Money: Invest in Quality Fabrics

Of course everything is going to cost at least a little money, but where should you be focusing and how much should you be spending on each room and item?

The best way to make your home look and feel expensive is to use high quality fabrics throughout your home. Whether it’s your bedspread, your curtains, carpeting, rugs, pillows and throws, this is where you should be focusing the majority of your budget.

It’s a lot easier to cut corners and make furniture and other items look expensive, without being expensive than to cheap out on your fabrics.

Not only does spending your money on fabrics make sense to make your home look and feel more luxurious and expensive, it will also save you money in the long run as your fabrics will last longer and not get tatty and worn before their time.

This is the area your money is most needed.

Investing in quality furnture

Buy High Quality Furniture Used Instead of New

Instead of blowing your budget on furniture that you cannot afford, buy even better quality furniture used instead or new.

Not only is this cheaper, but you’ll also be able to afford pieces that you wouldn’t have been able to buy even if you put in all your budget on one item.

You can find pre-owned, high quality furniture for a fraction of the cost. Check your local flea markets and online classifieds for furniture.

While this does mean spending longer looking for the right pieces, you’ll be able to spend much less buying used.

You can go even cheaper by buying reproduction pieces or make your own DIY knock-off that will last just as long as the real thing, look almost as good, and your friends won’t know the difference.

Investing in local artwork

Less Is More: Support Your Local Artists

Instead of using up the entirety of your budget on lots of accessories that you just love and can’t possibly live without, try opting for the less is more approach.

Put emphasis on the few homewares and décor items you truly love and have meaning to you by having less on your shelves and tables. This will highlight the pieces and create talking points around your décor.

Invest in one art piece per room, rather than lots of smaller pieces. Give your local artists a break and invest in their talent.

Not only will you have an original art work but you’ll also have something no one else does. And isn’t that the point of expensive taste after all? To have what others can’t?

Use this to your advantage and invest in your local artists. You’ll have pieces from the real world that tell a story and better yet, they’ll be much cheaper than many prints you can buy in bulk in stores.

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