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How to Get That Stylish European Interior Design

European decor

Have you noticed how the European design aesthetic is still the one that dominates many interior design magazines and blogs?

Their classy use of calming colors and natural textures like wood and leather is something that’s endlessly appealing for anyone who’s looking to make their home into a place with both a distinct style and tranquility.

Recently, I visited the popular home living portal LionsHome – Based in Berlin, Germany, the site is a gateway to countless shops that feature furniture and accessories you can use in your home, kitchen and garden. There are plenty of options offered there for you to attain that feel-good European style.

The site also offers design expertise, teaching and inspiring ways to achieve this desirable approach to decorating your home.

Examples of European Design Influence

As you come across photos and read about attractive home designs, you’ll see some variations of European design. After all, Europe is comprised of many different cultures and histories that are all unique in their own right.

There are a few that are worth highlighting here as you consider ways to bring these influences into your own living environment wherever you are.

Paris anyone?

Let’s take a look at the chic Parisian apartment that’s been endlessly adopted across the world. It seems to provide a great balance between ornate classical details and an ultra-minimalist color palate.

French design

What does this mean for you?

It allows you to have a bit of fun with your design ideas while not overpowering your living space.

The Parisian look revels in keeping the walls white, which makes full use of the limited natural light that such confined spaces often have.

And such muted colors mean that you can really go to town in embellishing the furniture in the room with items like exquisite picture frames, wrought iron bed frames and of course lots of magnificent floral arrangements!

Scandinavian serenity

It’s not just the French who’ve been providing a masterclass in interior style. The Scandinavian look is one that’s great for 21st century living because it delivers a perfect blend of natural tones, clean lines and sudden bursts of color as desired.

The Scandinavian look is one that makes full use of lots of lovely wood in the furniture to offset the sometimes striking look of modernist chairs and table designs.

Scandinavian design example

And such an ethos can also be applied to other natural textures whether in your bedroom, family room or home office.

If you’re looking to explore this type of decor, say in your den or working corner of your kitchen, you can check out lots of desk designs that again offer a great balance between modern chic and the timeless appeal of natural materials.

Dutch comfort

And if you’re caught between the classic charms of Parisian style and the modernist utopias of Scandinavian design, then it could be worth taking a few tips from some of the best Dutch design influences.

You can find lots of great sources of inspiration if you’re looking to create the perfect setting for all your earthy toned furniture, rugs and artwork.

Dutch design

The Dutch aesthetic is more about space than anything else. For example, different areas of your home flowing together easily. Also, a dedicated area just for gathering.

If you’re not familiar, your space needs to offer Dutch hygge.

Regardless of which particular style you pinpoint in Euro design, remember there’s nothing wrong with starting with plain white walls. From there, you can blend in natural tones with natural materials such as wood and leather.

Although color pallets are limited you still have the option to introduce a few bold textures like leopard prints, leather furniture and vibrant colors against your clean white walls, creating a comfortable space that you can love.

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