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How to Clean a Large Area Rug: Smart DIY Cleaning Tips and Tricks

how to clean a large area rug

Did you know that the global carpet and rug industry is expected to hit $39.1 billion?

Area rugs can get dingy very quickly, and you have to clean them before they get nasty and unpleasing. This article gives you smart DIY tips on how to clean a large area rug

It’s normal for area rugs to get dirty, especially if you have pets and kids. Therefore, you need a cleaning routine to keep the mess off your house.

Since cleaning can be tedious and boring, you need a proper working right formula.

Read on to learn more!

How to Clean a Large Area Rug at Home

You don’t have to hire a cleaning company or agency to undertake this task. The process below helps you in cleaning area rugs at the comfort of your home. Read On!

1. Gathering All Essential Materials

Before going on with the actual cleaning, you’ve to get all the required materials. There is no way you can pull up an effective cleaning without the necessary materials.

The tools you are going to use depends on the type of rug material.

There are tools applicable for cleaning cotton, synthetic, and polyester rugs. Below are the tools and ingredients you need to complete cleaning are rugs:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom
  • Soft-Brittle Brush
  • Carpet Shampoo/Liquid soap
  • Hose
  • Enough water

These are the essential things you need when cleaning area rugs. They help speed up the process while giving better results.

2. Setting Up an Open-Air Station

How are you planning to clean the area rug? It’s somehow tricky to clean your large area rug without a proper workstation. This is why you should make a simple rug holder some few yards away from your house.

When cleaning, you can place the rug on the ground on top of the fence. However, these can be unworkable, thus the need for a cleaning station. It shouldn’t be placed on the lawn because the grass might soak

A cleaning station can be made of wood. Wood offers a robust support mechanism to the rug and doesn’t stain it further. Large area rugs are heavy, and thus an outdoor station of wood or thick ropes can work ideally.

3. Remove Any Loose Dirt on the Rug

Place the rug on the wood or ropes with the upper side on top. Create a perfect position that will enable you to remove any loose dirt on the carpet. This process is essential because it not only removes dirt and dust but also prepares the carpet for cleaning.

Using the broom, sweep over the carpet and deal with all debris. Sweep both sides of the rug- the back accumulated lots of crumbs that have to be taken out.

Also, whack the sides of the rug to remove dust. Repeat the process until no more visible clouds of dust.

4. Test the Cleaner for Colorfastness

Many homeowners forget this essential step. You do not know how to clean a large area rug if you’ve been skipping this process. To prevent the rug from fading color, performing colorfastness is mandatory.

Some cleaners may be incompatible, and the result is a faded, nasty-looking rug. You can test the mat on an inconspicuous part right at the corner. You should go to this to ensure that color doesn’t bleed off the rug.

If you notice a change in the color of the rug, there is a chance that the detergent might fade it. If nothing changes, you can go ahead with using the detergent. Test either the shampoo or liquid soap before moving on to the actual cleaning.

5. Vacuum the Rug Thoroughly

A thorough vacuuming is the best treat to give your carpet. With an effective vacuum cleaner, you can make the rug sparkling clean again. Different vacuum cleaners apply depending on the type of rug and the dirt present.

Besides, vacuum cleaners have different technologies that define their functionality. Vacuum the upper side of the rug to take out any pet hair, dust, and dirt. Using the vacuum, break down any stains present on the carpet.

Flip the other side of the rug and vacuum it thoroughly to ensure all parts are attended to. When undertaking this process, you have to place it on the ground. It’s after vacuuming the rug that you place it at the cleaning station.

6. Wash the Rug and Apply Shampoo

Vacuuming prepares the mat for shampooing. Pull the hose to apply water on the rug until it soaks. Create a shampoo solution and apply it on the already wet rug. With a good shampoo chosen, there is no doubt that the rug gets clean as expected.

After applying the shampoo solution, use the soft-bristle brush to scrub the rug systematically. Scrub the rug as much as you can. You will be through with cleaning in a few minutes.

You can use soap if the shampoo isn’t your best option. Liquid dishwasher soap is the best alternative because it doesn’t have any fading effects. Besides, it’s cheaper and readily available that shampoo.

7. Washing the Rug

After you’ve scrubbed the carpet entirely, rinse it thoroughly will clean water. Wash all soap suds on the rug to leave and leave to dry. Make sure that the water is high-pressured to remove the shampoo or soap more efficiently.

Be sure to compare soft washing to pressure washing to identify the right option for your rug.

8. Remove Excess Water and Dry the Rug

After finishing the cleaning procedure, you’ll have to get rid of excess water on the rug. This enables it to dry faster. Without removing the excess water, it can take several days without drying.

You can use a squeegee or dry vacuum to remove excess water. Pass the squeegee gently to remove any excess water soaked in the rug. If you can access a dry vacuum cleaner, it’s the best option as it helps dry the rug partially.

Leave the rug to dry over the sun for a day or two. It is advisable to clean it during the morning hours to allow some time for drying.

The Bottom Line on Large Area Rug Cleaning

With the best tools, cleaning an area rug isn’t a challenging task. It is a simple DIY procedure that is not only easy but also manageable.

These are tips on how to clean a large area rug. Follow the steps keenly, and you will accomplish the task without much hustle.

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