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Garage Makeover: 15 Ideas for a Remodeled Garage

Garage remodel ideas

Are you looking to transform an old garage? Or perhaps struggling to find design ideas for a garage remodeling project?

Americans spend over $320 billion annually on home improvement projects. This includes the cost for a remodeled garage. The average expense for a new garage door can go beyond the $3,000 dollar mark.

As a wise homeowner, you want to make every dollar count.

Continue reading below as we discuss some of the best garage makeover ideas.

1. Brand New Flooring

Start your remodeling by giving your old garage a new set of flooring. The flooring not only contributes to your garage’s aesthetics. It also sets the tone when it comes to the garage’s functionality.

Typically, garages have concrete flooring. Concrete is OK if you want to stick to it. But if you see that the old concrete floor is already cracking, you may opt for a new type of surface.

There are a few downsides to concrete flooring. They easily stain. Sometimes, they look too plain and boring.

To inject some life, you can give it a fresh coat of paint, depending on the color that you like. To minimize staining, you can apply epoxy on your garage floor.

Use a good company, and you’ll have the best looking garage floor in the neighborhood.

If you will use the garage as a parking space, you can invest in some foam floor mats. These things will keep your concrete floors from damages.

2. A New Loft

One of the best ways to maximize space in your garage is to build a loft inside. Having a loft means more storage for other items.

Think of your garage loft as a mini attic. You can store your power tools and other items for your vehicle.

If you want, you can even reserve a space in the loft for a small bed. This way, you will have a place for short naps and quick rests after tinkering with your car.

3. Insulation

Like the other parts of your house, you want to make your garage energy-efficient. Thus, you need to add insulation. Now this applies regardless if you have an attached or detached garage.

A garage that does not have insulation allows poor temperature management. This equates in your heating and cooling systems to work harder than they really should.

The end result is a higher electrical bill at the end of the month.

Insulation also protects you and your car from extreme outdoor temperatures.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to invest in a new garage door. It’s one of those home improvements that help increase the value of your property.

4. Better Lighting

You also need to work on your garage’s lighting. The bare minimum is to have adequate lighting. If your lights are dim, you cannot use your garage optimally once the sun sets.

If you have extra budget, you can opt for motion sensor lights. These lights automatically turn on whenever someone is inside the garage.

They are also more energy-efficient compared to traditional light fixtures.

5. Fresh Paint

A fresh coating of paint always works wonders for old spaces. After repainting the concrete floor, move on to the walls.

Pick a color that will give life to the garage. But make sure it doesn’t clash with the paint of your flooring.

In case you have walls made of concrete, you may want to replace it altogether. This way, you can add insulation to your walls.

6. WiFi-Ready

Regardless if your garage is simply a parking space or an additional room where you can hang out, you need to install WiFi. This is very important especially if you plan to invite guests into your garage.

Furthermore, you need an internet connection if you need to research on something whenever you fix your car.

7. Zones and Partitions

Now let’s discuss some of the more complex garage renovation ideas. If you’re looking for a more elaborate setup, you should consider creating zones and partitions in your garage.

A big chunk of the space automatically goes to your car. The rest, on the other hand, is something you will work on strategically.

Start by creating partitions inside your garage. You can use vintage doors that you will hinge together. If you want a more industrial-looking garage, you can install metallic fencing.

You can also go for some corrugated steel panels that you will suspend from the ceiling. For every zone, make sure there is ample storage space.

You also want to reserve some space for a small bathroom. Don’t forget to put chairs or benches on different parts of the garage.

8. Playroom for Kids

Do you have kids? Are they running out of space to play around? Are searching for spaces to store their toys?

Transforming an old garage into a playroom is the perfect solution.

This will entail a major makeover for an old garage. You may need to repaint and decorate the walls. You can hang some posters of their favorite cartoon characters.

You can install cabinets where they can store their toys and gadgets. If you want, you can even set up a small viewing area where they can watch their favorite cartoons on weekends.

Make sure that all the tables and other fixtures are childproof.

9. Your Fitness Room

Are you tired of driving to the gym to shed some unwanted fats? Then convert your garage into your own fitness room.

Invest in some rubber anti-fatigue mats where you can do some of your exercises. These mats help prevent injuries like muscle strains. They also protect your concrete floor from damages in case you drop your weights.

Fill it up with all the weights that you need. You may also install a heater to keep you warm during your winter workouts.

10. A Greenhouse

Do you love flowers and plants? If you have a detached garage, you can convert it into your own greenhouse.

Use different kinds of windows and glass ceiling to welcome the rays of the sun. Fill it up with different plants. Complement the flowers with warm lighting.

For the flooring, try a checkered design for a contemporary vibe that is not too gaudy.

11. Wine Storage

If you’re wine collector or connoisseur, transform your old garage into a wine cellar. You don’t need to eat the space of your entire garage.

Simply partition off a section measuring 10×10 feet. This will be more than enough to store up to 1,800 wine bottles. Use redwood for your wine racks.

Don’t forget to insulate your garage. In addition, invest in a thermostat system. You need to regulate the temperature and keep it around the 56-degree mark.

This is crucial if you want to keep your wine in excellent condition.

12. The Studio

If you are the artistic type, you can turn your garage into your own studio. If you are into photography, your garage is a perfect place to set up your photo shoots.

If you are into painting, you can set up your canvas and take out your paintbrushes. The choices are limitless.

But make sure you have more than enough lighting. This will help ensure that your creations come out in all of their beauty.

13. Man Cave

Of course, there is the ever-popular man cave. This is a place where single or married men spend their “me time.”

One of the different items you can install inside your man cave is a pool table. You can also set up a poker table if you are into cards.

Don’t forget to buy a huge TV set. The goal is to have space where you and your other male friends can watch your favorite sports games without bothering your wife.

14. A Bar

If you love beer or are simply looking for a space to unwind, converting your garage into a bar is a welcome decision.

Invest in a new refrigerator and load it up with bottles of beer. Make sure to put a couch where you can relax while watching TV.

15. Small Kitchen

Lastly, you can also turn your garage into a small kitchen. Sometimes, your default kitchen may not have enough room during festive occasions. With a smaller kitchen, you can create more dishes with your loved ones.

To keep things simple, pattern the basics from what you see in your main kitchen. You can transfer some of the old kitchen accessories that you rarely use into your new kitchen.

Get Your Remodeled Garage

Though there is always room for your creativity when it comes to a remodeled garage. But sometimes, it pays to get ideas from professional home designers and experienced artists.

We encourage you to check our other articles on home improvement and design. We explore a range of topics, from bathroom remodeling ideas to furniture options.

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